Ted Allen

Ted Allen talks comfort food.

on Jun 29, 2007


Oh, Micah. Last week, we get Sara's admission that she had no idea Scotch Bonnets (a.k.a. habaneros) are the hottest peppers on the shelf -- something any amateur cook knows, let alone a professional. Now Micah reveals a lack of understanding of meatloaf -- a humble dish, but one with an important history. No, really!

My friends, meatloaf is Elvis! Meatloaf is ingenuity and spirit, the American housewife's answer to scarcity in times of war and poverty! Meatloaf is the culinary expression of Rosie-the-Riveter's determination -- she of the WWII posters with the woman holding a wrench, headlined, "We can do it!" Meatloaf is America! There is honor in meatloaf! At least, without the baked-on ketchup.

Yeah, I know Micah's from South Africa, but she's cooking in Florida, now. And failing to have a least some familiarity with our great nation's comfort-food classics is to come up short in your culinary literacy. Also, if Micah knew nothing about the dish, why did she choose it? (As an aside, I'm not even a chef, and I have a recipe for a meatloaf made with beef and pork, with a mushroom and walnut sauce, that is absolutely delicious. You're too thin! Here: try it yourself!) So meatloaf was Micah's undoing, as we all now know. It's for the best: it was pretty clear that she was having trouble with the competition -- hey, not every great chef is great under these conditions -- plus, she missed her young child. "I think I'm better off getting out of here now before it gets ugly," she opined -- and, indeed, the gloves are really starting to come off among the contestants.