The Ice Cream Museum — And Its Instagram-Famous Pool Filled With Sprinkles — Is Moving to L.A.

What's 100 million sprinkles without 10,000 bananas to go with it?

West Coast-bound dessert lovers, and lovers of perfectly staged Instagram setups: Prepare to have your minds blown.

The Museum of Ice Cream is slated to open in Downtown Los Angeles next month. Yes, that's the very same exhibit that sold out in just a few hours in New York. And for its second location, it will pop up in the place where ice cream is more seasonal year-round anyway.

#TBT to warmer times in the sprinkle pool 🏊🍦✨ (📸:@bluemarblebk) #museumoficecream #MOIC

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Oh and yes, the museum will indeed come complete with the pool — actually available for "swimming" — containing 100 million sprinkles that Instagrammers go nuts (so to speak) for. The venue will also have a room with 10,000 bananas, a mint grow house, a jungle of melted popsicles, and all kinds of other goodies for sweets fans.

Never forget, that when we stay optimistic, a brighter future awaits. Smiles and ice cream for all! 🍦✨ #museumoficecream #MOIC

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During its residency in L.A., the museum also offer a “scoop of the week” on rotation, with each coming from famous creameries in California — like McConnell's, Salt & Straw, Coolhaus x Cuisinart, CREAM, and My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream.

When in NYC, the museum sold out in five days with a wait list of more than 200,000. The Los Angeles location is set to be four times bigger, with 10 new installations.

If only we could sleep and selfie here every night 😍💤 (📸:@pieraluisa) #MOIC #museumoficecream #sprinklepool

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The museum, founded and creative directed by Maryellis Bunn, is also set to open in new locations this year and more in 2018 as well.

Basically, it's the place you need visit when you're just like...

Today's Mood #Mondaze #museumoficecream #MOIC 📸: @sprinklesforbreakfast

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