This Hack Apparently Works to Get Booze Inside Festival Grounds... But It's a Lot of Work, Man

You're going to have to plan way ahead.

If you've ever been to a music festival, or pro sports game — or pretty much any major event like that — you know they're places that charge robbery-like prices for booze. And you might be limited to drinking in a specific penned area... and that’s if your event even offers liquor for sale.

One solution, of course, is to bring your own booze, but that's rarely allowed, technically. So you'd have to get creative.  

Take for example, one visionary, Alex Diamond, who planned to attend New York City's Electric Zoo festival on Randall’s Island.

And no, he didn't intend to pay festival-ground prices for booze. “Three weeks ago, we buried a Nalgene bottle full of vodka on the grounds of Electric Zoo before they started putting up the stages," he shared on Facebook.  "Let's see what happens."

Spoiler: It worked! And he later shared his success in another post.

"Got it," he posted, showing selfie with his much-deserved and planned-for booze.

In yet another Facebook post, he outlined the process in detail: "The planning of the burial was simple. We used Google maps and marked our spot on GPS so we knew where it would be. Then we waited..." 

Well, turns out Alex and his crew did run into a little trouble at the festival — although we don't know exactly what that was. And of course, social media is a place just made for self-promoting curation and exaggeration, so who knows exactly what happened. Proceed at your own risk... but no matter what, you gotta admit the idea is frankly pretty exciting in the buried-treasure sense, if totally rule breaking.

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