Toby Young

Judge Toby Young explains the difference between being the weakest link and the weakest chef in Restaurant Wars.

on Jan 21, 2009

Were we right to eliminate Radhika? I think so. She wasn't the weakest cook on her team - that prize would have to go to Carla, at least on this occasion - but she was the weakest link. As team leader, Radhika had to bear some responsibility for the failure of Carla's desserts -- and if you couple that with the fact that she was a very lackluster front-of-house presence, she deserved to go. With the benefit of hindsight, Radhika should have put Carla in charge of meeting and greeting - a job she would have done well - and volunteered to do the desserts herself.

After three episodes of judging Top Chef, it is clear that there is no such thing as a "safe" contestant. No matter how good a particular chef is, he or she can have an off night and that is enough to send them home. In the end, it is less about culinary skill than it is about character - about how you react under pressure. I have no doubt that Radhika is an excellent chef, but in last night's episode she dropped the ball.

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