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Kevin Choked

After we knew who the final contestants were going to be in last night’s competition, several people asked me whether all three of them were better than the winners of previous seasons. I’ve only been a judge for two seasons, so I can’t comment on...
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This was a fun episode for me to shoot because Nigella Lawson is an old friend of mine. She started out as a restaurant critic at The Spectator, the magazine I currently write a weekly columnfor, and went on to conquer the world. For humble food...
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Anatomy of a Restaurant Review

Restaurant Wars should be my favorite episode of Top Chef because judging restaurants is what I do. But it can be a bit frustrating because the contestants are given so little time to workon their ideas. In this week’s episode, they didn’t even...
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C'est La Vie

In episode six of Top Chef: Las Vegas I refused to pronounce paella correctly; in this episode, I was rude about the French and their armpits. At this rate, I’ll have no friends left by the end of the season!...
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Whatever Happened to Predictability?

This was the second time I got to see what this season’s crop of contestants could do and it gave me an opportunity to divide the sheep from the goats. Like the viewers, the judges are constantly handicapping the competition, trying to guess who...
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Top Chef: 6.6

So, finally, I’m back. I was originally scheduled to be in an earlier episode this season, but two days before I was due to fly to Las Vegas I was knocked off my bicycle. The car was only going five miles an hour but I ended up spending the next...
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Isn't it Bromantic

Until I saw the clipreel on last night’s show, I hadn’t realised how close Stefan and Fabio had become over the course of the season. These stew room “bromances” are a feature of Top Chef and after filming the reunion I got to wondering why it is...
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