Tom Colicchio

Tom Colicchio was not happy with this week's outcome. He reveals why.

on Dec 15, 20080

I want to take a moment here to discuss Tiffani's controversial "attitude." While she and I disagreed about the kid challenge weeks ago, I never held it against her - Tiffani was willing to voice what others on her team clearly felt. While she could be tough on people, I never saw her criticize anyone else for sport or out of spite. She made enemies because she was brusque, opinionated, and unwilling to give an inch in her pursuit of the title of Top Chef. Would her toughness and determination have been denigrated in a man of similar talent? Do male chefs get criticized for being demanding and relentless? Is it possible that our distaste for competitive women keeps them out of leadership roles? Or that our preference for easygoing women over strong, outspoken ones clouds our judgment of their talent? It's worth thinking about. In the end, we made our decision based on the dish; Lee Anne didn't lose because she was the third person to serve us lamb. Tonight was the night she faltered, plain and simple. If I had had my way, based on overall performance to date, we would have sent Dave packing and Lee Anne would have joined Tiffani and Harold in Las Vegas. But even without the title of Top Chef, I know Lee Anne will continue to do well in the culinary world - she is a terrific person, a hard worker, and a talented chef. I like to see nice people finish first...who doesn't? But given the choice, diners would rather pay for great over nice. With Harold, Tiffani and Dave remaining, we'll see who has what it takes to be great in Vegas.