Tom Colicchio

The head judge's insight into the judging process and why he thinks Ilan deserves the Top Chef title.

on Jan 31, 2007

I continue to be gratified and amazed at the numbers of people who write into the Top Chef website each week to share their thoughts and comments. Even when most of those comments fall into the "Tom, you're a craven and morally bankrupt hack" category. I work nights, so I've never been one to get super-involved in a TV program ("The Sopranos" notwithstanding -- I'm off on Sundays). It's been a new experience for me to see just how passionate and personally involved our viewers have been in the outcome of the show. There's plenty to say about tonight's episode, the denouement to a roller-coaster season, with both stellar and substandard food and plenty of personality clashes in between. But before I go there, I want to address a couple things about last week's episode and the show overall.