Tom Colicchio

Head judge Tom Colicchio wastes no time in breaking down the new cheftestants.

on Jun 13, 2007


Clay is a chef, he works in a respected restaurant. I think it was just nerves. This is TV, but this is also real life. The judges did not know much about Clay and first heard him talk about his father when we watched the episode.We didn't know any of this. He really bared his soul. This isn't all fun and games, and there's a real serious side to what we do.

Whether you call it an art or a craft, these are people who put in tons of hours to get where they get, and it's full of real life twists and turns. It was very touching, and I think that he has so much to live up to. I just think that nerves just got the best of him, but I'm sure that he is a very competent chef. Stay tuned. There's more to come.