Top Chef: The Tour

Richard Blais on hangovers, lost wallets, and stalking Lance Bass.

Aug 14, 2008


The tour took us to Los Angeles this weekend. It was my first effort working two days of shows, which was surprisingly pretty exhausting. It was also the first time I was reunited with a cast member from my own season, Antonia Lofaso.


The first day I was teamed up with Brian Malarkey (Season 3). Now you all know Brian is the Season 3 "seafood guy," the "good-looking guy," and the "guy that wore funky hats before Spike wore the funky hats." It's always interesting meeting someone from a different season. There is a certain fraternity that exists, like you know each other without really knowing each other. But I definitely felt, especially after a long night working and playing with Brian, that we shared a few more things then I have with some of my other colleagues. He's expecting, I have a newborn, he's married, I'm married, he looks good shirtless ... and so it goes.