A News Crew Gamely Tasted a Searingly Hot Pepper on Air... And Vomit Ensued

Better you than us, Channel 2 Denver morning news team. 

Last month we brought you a story about Pepper X, which is likely to soon earn title of hottest pepper in the world, with its Scoville rating of more than 3 million. But until that heat is confirmed and the crown is officially passed, the ranking heavyweight and current spiciest pepper in the world is the formidable Carolina Ghost Pepper. At 1.9 million Scoville units, the Carolina Ghost seems more appropriate for removing grease stains from your driveway than for eating.

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But the Channel 2 Denver Morning news team doesn’t care.

Five brave (?) members of the morning news show decided to indulge in a Carolina Ghost Pepper chip live on the air in an attempt to complete the #OneChipChallenge — a contest created by tortilla chipmaker Paqui that invites people to eat a chip baked with Carolina Ghost Peppers, and post proof of completion, in order to be entered to win a year’s supply of free chips.

The morning news crew certainly has their proof. But it's not pretty.

Some people sweat, some people cry and then there's this... #onechipchallenge

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Immediately after biting into the chips the team was in sweats, but it was anchor Natalie Tysdale who bore the brunt of it, immediately gagging and (apparently) losing her breakfast into an unseen trash can.

At least… we hope there was a trash can. We’re not sure how Paqui is choosing its winners for the #OneChipChallenge, but it seems to us like Natalie deserves some free chips for this effort.

Assuming she ever wants to see one again.

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