Is it a Foodie Thing? Graham Elliot and Gail Simmons Both Choose This Airplane Seat Every Time

And these two Top Chef judges share the preference in common with Anthony Bourdain.

Graham Elliot and Gail Simmons are seasoned travelers both as part of their roles with Top Chefwhere they serve as judges, and in their respective personal lives — and that means, yes, they definitely have their preferences when it comes to choosing window or aisle seats on planes.

"Window," Gail told Jet Set (clip above), "because I need to rest my head and I don't want to talk to people. And then if I'm in an aisle and my legs, when I cross them, are sticking out into the aisle and people are tripping over them and the beverage cart gets in the way — nope, always a window."

Graham, who has admitted that he's one of the world's most anxious travelers, agrees with Gail.

"Oh window for sure," he said, "because aside from cooking and music, photography's my other go to. So, yeah, worst thing in the world would be trying to take pictures over two people."

Oh and by the way? That choice of the window versus aisle seat puts them in good company with another window-preferring chef: Anthony Bourdain!

And anyway, some experts say choosing aisle indicates a traveler with a selfish personality.


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