Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons explains that none of the judges were rooting for CJ and Tyler's losing burger.

on Dec 6, 2012 Were you surprised to see, at least for the QF, that John and Joshua were getting along?
GS: I never knew from shooting that they weren’t getting along. I only knew when I watched the episode. I thought it was interesting how contentious that relationship was. And it’s too bad, because they’re strong personalities, and this happens when you are competing against each other as well. It makes for a good storyline, to see how they fare together, and we’ll get to that even more in the elimination. On to the Elimination Challenge: the chefs have to use an artisanal ingredient that they pull randomly. 
GS: And a couple of the ingredients were hard, for sure.  And a lot of people had great ideas, but something happened in this challenge: this is the fourth or fifth official challenge in Seattle, and it fell apart somehow. Everyone fell apart somehow; I think they were all exhausted. They got up very, very early that morning; they were cooking at around 4 o’clock in the morning., 5 o’clock in the morning.  So I think they were just starting to wear a little thin and didn’t have their wits about them completely.  But there was not a SINGLE dish that was excellent. Which, I have to say, was not the case until this challenge; people were really impressing us. And this challenge let us down for two reasons: one, because the food wasn’t great, and I don’t think that they used the skills that we know they have, at the level that they’re able to cook at. And, at the same time we had a room full of people that made these products, so double stress. And we were really disappointed, and we feel responsible when our chefs don’t have a good showing. Here were these very generous purveyors who gave us their products and were excited to see people do something with them, and they really didn’t follow through. Bart and Sheldon had immunity, and it seemed like their dish had the least flaws.
GS: If we had to pick a winner, it would have been them. We didn’t reward them, because it wasn’t AS amazing, but it certainly was my favorite of the day; I just wish they had incorporated the candy a little bit more.  It was creative, and it looked very beautiful, so it was alright.