Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson assesses how the chefs, especially Josie, deal with time constraints.

on Dec 19, 2012

Here we go yo. 

The Healthy Choice $150,000 is still mysteriously hidden in the freezer section of the Top Chef kitchen and none of the remaining chefs have noticed. 

Stephanie Izard is in the house. She is the winner of Season 4 and a very successful chef in Chicago. She has curly hair that makes mere mortals envious. Someday, it is ordained, she will take my brow and I her locks. Kind of like trading our signatures for a couple of weeks just to see what’s up. She has yet to be informed of this plan, but I am thinking she’ll be totally cool with it. 

Foiled again. Open up the food stuff and you have to use it. And you have to cook in it. The Bart Knight? He likes this. Stephanie plays up this angle stating that she loves foil. Tesar is totally flummoxed by a pineapple… “WHAT AM I going to do with a pineapple?” Obviously boiled beef with pineapple thingies comes to mind. Hmmm. 

Beautiful Kristen is channeling a sponge cake which ends up being one of those things that may taste good, but looks like it was, well, cooked in small bundles of angrily scrunched-up Reynolds Wrap. Meanwhile, Bart is making a foil helmet to channel his home planet. Tesar is contemplating that all Asian food is anchored with pineapple. I am lost in my own foil outfit, cause I like to play along at home. 

Micah would like you to know about his gift. His gift is that food ideas just come to him like an indescribable miracle. Most people would call that getting paid to be a… wait for it… chef? “I am a tax accountant and I have a gift, a miracle blessing among mankind, 'a super power’ if you will, to do your taxes.” I keep expecting to look over and have Bart making a life-sized Noah’s Ark with two of each animal, all made out of FOIL.