Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson assesses how the chefs, especially Josie, deal with time constraints.

on Dec 19, 2012

Overall, the food looked pretty good. Lots of people fighting each other. Stefan got the better of Tesar even while rocking the frozen fish. Brooked took Bart with her chocolate pudding that almost didn’t get finished. Sheldon squashed Micah in Crudo vs. Chicken Biscuit 2012. Lizzie mauled Josie, but really Josie mauled herself. Josh won his head-to-head by not cooking pork, the meat he loves, but doesn’t cook very well in front of a camera. Kristen won her little challenge against herself and pulls out the big win as well. On re-entering the Stew Room, did Stefan say that “wifey” won? I feel like some naughty time is happening. 

Danyele gets the boot. She was looking tired of the rat race anyhow. 

Best of luck to you, Danyele.