Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson makes the case for throwing a curve ball.

on Dec 5, 2012

Dishes with my mental notes:

CJ & Tyler: Pork Crumpet Burger with Spicy Dill Pickles

Soggy bottomed burger that was a complete failure. 

Beautiful Ones! Micah & Kristen: Cheese Curds Three Ways: Bechamel, Raw & Fried

Everything tasted like cheese dip. Not very exciting, but not a loser. 

Bart Knight & Sheldon Spam-A-Lot: Candied Salmon with Sweet & Sour Salad

Weird dish but again, not weird enough for losing. Definitely the most complex of the meal. 

Lizzie & Danyele: Coconut Curry Chocolate Mousse Tart

Strange flavors, but technically quite good. Chocolate work is never easy. Not as bad as CJ thought. 

Jimmy Sears-Tesar & Josh: Pan-seared Pork Tenderloin with Truffle Popcorn Grits

Just not a smart dish. Two very accomplished chefs who made many mistakes in their dish. Grits were horrible, and the pork was tough as can be.

Eliza & Josie: Curry Cardamom Broth, Manila Clams & Seared White King Salmon

Not shabby. Probably would have won if TC hadn’t taken away that chance. 

Stefan & Brooke: Rose Petal Glazed Muscovy Duck with Braised Cabbage

Sweet sweet sweet. I have a problem with really sweet savory food and this was a glaring problem.