Hugh Acheson

The judge explains why we shouldn't dwell on the finalists' gender.

on Feb 27, 2013

At first glance, I think that Team L.A. looks pretty strong. Kuniko is quietly very talented and left too soon, Stefan is an old master in dealing with the duress of competition after being on for 103 episodes over 45 seasons of the show, and CJ is tall enough to see into the bottoms of all the pots… WITHOUT BENDING OVER. This must give them favored status. 

Then again Kristen’s team has two chefs who have worked really well together all season: Sheldon and Josh. If they are making Filipino breakfast then this thing is OVER. Plus they have the one chef who actually wanted to leave the show about eight weeks ago, but kept on hanging on: Lizzie. She’s very talented and looks like she got some needed rest in the break. Kristen has picked them over her T.V. husband and the other two because of their lack of egos. OK, I can see the egos in CJ (hipster glasses) and Stefan (copious amounts of Drakkar Noir), but Kuniko? Has she secretly been calling the other chefs “useless ding dongs that I could mop the floor with” in Japanese? If so, this all makes sense. 

ASIDE: Kuniko and her fine mentor chef David Myers have opened a very hot new restaurant in Century City called Hinoko and the Bird… you should go when you are in the area. Cause they both rock. 

OK, I’m back. Stuff is being cooked. Kristen has brought two sheets of torn paper that she is calling a “menu.” This worries all of America. We then get to meet the whole grouping of all Top Chef winners. The very loud whooper is Ilan. Watch his new show on G4/Esquire… coming soon to your local cable provider. 

Kristen makes chicken liver in her sleep. This involves a blender, a stove, and a fry pan, so I am pretty impressed. Can she make a toasted rye sandwich with chicken liver mousse, pickle shallots, and fleur de sel in her sleep? I doubt that, big-game talker. As that thought floats away, CJ is caught burning the pig ears, even though he has the highest perch in the show. LOOK DOWN, CJ. LOOK DOWN. In his defense my ears were pretty tasty. But you riled up the old guys, CJ. You know better… once you get them started they won’t back down.