Hugh Acheson

The judge explains why we shouldn't dwell on the finalists' gender.

on Feb 27, 2013

Lizzie is tasked to pick parsley for a marrow dish and Brooke wants redemption from her fried chicken debacle earlier in the season. Kristen is going for super-unami and Sheldon totally understands. Josh wants another set of eyes for the marrow, but that man can only create new eyes every nine months. 

We look through the past of Stephanie (on the first episode) and Kristen, friends, co-workers, roommates, and NOT LESBIANS. Good to know. Kristen’s inauspicious exit is documented and then her rise to the top of LCK. She crushed it. And here she is in the finale. With the money she is going to Korea. Love the beauty of that. 

Gail does the family table visit. Nice peeps. You gotta love supportive fathers in our industry. I have one and it meant the world to me, still does. 

Chicken wings and marrow are going down on plates. Let’s get eating.

Round Three


Vadouvan Fried Chicken with Sumac Yogurt-Tahini & PIckled Kohlrabi Fattoush


Celery Root Puree with Bone Marrow, Mushrooms, Bitter Greens & Radishes


I have to admit that the choice of wings was interesting. I love wings. I just didn’t expect them to take center stage here. They were great. Really bright, refreshing, and truly ballsy. Contrary to TC, I got the salad. It was the refresher. It worked. Kristen’s marrow plate was awesome. The marrow sung with crispiness, and the puree was rich and the mushrooms beauteous. I loves it. Mine was hot. Padma breathes cold air a lot, so you have to make her food extra hot. Lizzie yells support from the shadows. Three votes to Kristen and she gets the win.