Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson loves hearing fellow chefs share their culinary stories.

on Feb 13, 2013

They wake up and talk about running, which is much easier than actually running. I find I talk about working out much more than I actually do it. Josh jokes that he signed up for the 5K but the season has evolved into a marathon. I saw Josh this past week and he looks like a new man with a super sweet and angelic baby girl in tow. Since that porcine-loving chef sat on that Juneau loveseat with the Mehenune, he has lost about 35 pounds.

In the episode at hand that cutie was still in the “on-the-way” stage, or at least for half of the episode she was… midway through, baby Georgia decided to make her debut. Sometimes TV just makes itself.  

Camry time to the highway helipad. Brooke has many fears but most of those fears pale in comparison to helicopters. Bravely, she’s going to face that fear as well. She straps into her seatbelt and clings onto Sheldon and Josh for dear life. They are her floaties. 

Golly, what a view. Unbelievable. Alaska really is bucket list material. 

Sheldon sees dogs and tundra and obviously wants to smoke a huge blunt. I think Sheldon has three degrees of separation from weed. I do not know the medicinal laws in Alaska but I would not recommend hampering advancement by getting a possession charge so close to the finale. 

They jump on the sleds pulled by some beautiful huskies and end up in front of Tom and Padma on a glacier. It’s a training camp for the Iditarod and the chefs will have to cook for the staff of the camp. They trudge through the snow and end up cooking in a tent. Halibut is happening for Brooke and Sheldon and obviously Josh is making breakfast, but he is concerned about time and scrambles the eggs instead of frying them. When problems arise, Josh scrambles. We saw that with the scallops on the big boat.