Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson loves hearing fellow chefs share their culinary stories.

on Feb 13, 2013

Josh is making foie, because these things have yet to be outlawed in Alaska. Yo, Elves, what is this Russian disco music in the background during Josh’s explanation? The trio is pretty well-received, but the Guv wants something to chew on. He’s a tough-as-nails politician and wants some rawhide, you know? Grrr. 

Deliberation is interesting, with Josh telling the world that he is going “balls to the walls.' You go. Roy agrees. They all seem to like the foie plate overall, but it’s busy and Tom takes offense at this torchon-in-an-hour thing. Torchon of foie gras is named after the term for a kitchen towel in France. Used to be that they would clean the foie of the veins, shape the foie in a towel by twisting the ends until a cylinder is formed, and then you would cure the foie in salt for about a day, and then poach it very briefly to finish. It’s a three-day process. It’s yummy, but what Josh made is some distant cousin you pretend is not part of the family. 

Brooke confesses to having no idea what she was doing today. She says she was lost in the poultry aisle, passed out, and woke up with a bunch of birds in her pockets. These types of things happen in Juneau. The funny thing is that a Brooke with no plan is probably the strongest chef here, mostly when Sheldon stumbles. 

Sheldon gets lauded for cooking the fish and prawn perfectly and then gets whacked for making the salt lick broth that made the whole dish wallow. You have to taste your food before you serve i,t but more important than that, you need to taste it early enough to where you have time to do something about it! Luckily everyone seems to be in happy places and the judges take it easy on them. Brooke wins. 

Josh goes back to be united with baby Georgia and the rest of his growing family. Josh is a hardworking chef who has learned a lot in this season. He’ll be a better chef for it, and I wish him the best in all things. Godspeed to the Breakfast Master.