Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson shares tales of his time in Juneau, Alaska.

on Feb 7, 2013

Josh is pretty psyched to make a crab dish for Sean, and to prove their fraternal bond is going to feed Sean succotash. Let’s remind everyone that the South does not include Oklahoma and most of Florida, but I will give in to the Panhandle being part of the South. Succotash is Josh’s choice of dowry for Sean, and we’ll see how this goes, but Sean has created a whole chapter of his own in the tome of Southern food, so I’d be a little apprehensive about feeding him a Southern staple. 

Sheldon is pushing himself to be creative in this challenge and makes the only dish that takes the crab out of its usual comfort zone. Crab with crab miso, pine-smoked asparagus, and charred corn. I mean, who is doing “pine-smoked asparagus” on this show? He seems to have ramped up his game and is cooking on a different level in the past few episodes, except for last week’s surf and turf catastrophe. 

I don’t think a completely novel dish was a necessity to win the challenge, but it can’t hurt. Another reminder: simple is difficult, and if you are told to push the boundaries, you need to show a new idea on a plate. No one said it was easy. 

Brooke serves crabby toast with Dungeness crab butter that looks pretty tasty, but maybe failed to bust out of the “same old crab dish” mold. Lizzie gets a crab frittata onto the plate which is just not going to win points for originality. Sure, I love crab and eggs together; it’s just not novel. It’s not what the challenge dictated. 

Josh has gone all Ol’ Keller on us with a butter-poached “Southern” variation involving succotash.  

Padma and Sean do not like the frittata; they enjoy Sheldon’s smoky delights; they ho-hum to Brooke’s crabby toast, and get really sad for Josh’s succotash. C’est la vie. Sean does say that the succotash “…tastes like home” and hypes Josh up before knocking him out with a bottom ranking. Ouchie. 

The Elimination Challenge is to use salmon and sourdough -- both important staple of the region. Cool. I am down with that.