Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson elaborates on the salads his group created in the season premiere.

on Nov 7, 2012

Danyele is torn. She wants to talk to me but then again she doesn’t. She takes this frustration out on a tomato by dousing it with gasoline and walking out of the kitchen. 

THEY WERE SO MESSY. Like crazy messy. It’s so hard to work in a messy environment. The knight needs to tighten his blender cap. Danyele is like my sarcastic muse. 

Sheldon’s dish was really strong. Interesting and worldly and fun. Clean. 

The Bart Knight’s was crazy complex. But well-executed.

Brooke’s salad rocked. Totally perfect balance. Blue Angel jacket. 

Gina’s was subpar. Overcooked veg. Just not really good. I applaud her aplomb, but it just wasn’t very good. 

Danyele’s big flame Texas watermelon-tomato salad was actually good in spite of her trying to burn the place down.  

Bye-bye Gina. I wish you well. 

Back at Craft, Tesar has the blue coat already and then the other advancers are Micah and Lizzie. Jorel and Anthony fail to make the cut. 

It’s going to be a fun season in the Seattle world, home of the Space Needle. Keep on watching!

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