Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson prepares for a surprising season.

on Nov 14, 2012

Temp home tour. Olive 8 downtown. Nice view. I stayed downstairs but never saw the chefs… they didn’t even know I was there. Emeril is not so easy to hide. That guy gets recognized from like a 1000 yards by busloads of tourists. The chefs talk relationships and bond in that way that only chefs can bond. They drink. They revel. Stefan looks at himself in the mirror a lot and goes through his self-affirmation reps. Josie gives herself the moniker of “Global Soul Chef.” Um huh. 

Onto cooking at the needle. Teams are the same with the new team made up of the returning vets. 

They all cook fish with varying success, except for those wily vets who cook quail because of their worldly TC knowledge. Tom Douglas is the guest chef and he’s like the dynasty chef of Seattle, owning half of the restaurants in the rain-soaked region. Kuniko meanwhile is burning the chile oil (“Chile oil, this chile oil?”) and playing coy with her lack of language comprehension. 

Oddly enough, Carla’s team nails the salmon and fairs pretty well. Kuniko, Tesar and 420 Sheldon cook up a stellar dish too with the poached cod being a beauty. Carla celebrates by going back to the kitchen and cutting herself while packing her knife bag. I do this too. Rarely do I cut myself while actually using a knife, but when sharpening them or storing them, that’s when I draw blood. Dorky, I know. 

Too much focus on Jeffrey Jew -- bad omen. Stefan talks about breasts a lot. There is a lot of innuendo whenever he talks. He sounds like a produce clerk with a tracking ankle bracelet: “Carrots? I show you a big carrot!”