Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson offers his best leadership methods to Sheldon and Kristen.

on Jan 16, 2013

You either play Restaurant Wars with a smile on your face or fear in your eyes. This edition of the challenge is fraught with leadership pressure. On one side we have Sheldon, who seems to have a moderate amount of leadership experience while his adversary Kristen lacks in the department, but has been a key underling in a very powerful restaurant group in Boston. I think with a good array of Successories and some positive affirmation training, Kristen can be a great leader. In my mind, she’s definitely dominating the competition so far. 

An Executive Chef is the head of a kitchen, but you can lead with an iron fist, or lead through charisma and action. I suggest Sheldon take the latter course and Kristen the former, and my reasoning is thus: Sheldon has a team that will, apart from the regular shenanigans of Stefan, follow his lead. He works well with OKC, and has never rubbed Stefan the wrong way. Meanwhile Kristen, who has rubbed Stefan in the right way (ewww), has picked a brigade that may implode at any moment. Brooke is a stellar cook and leader who has opened many restaurants, experience that may clash with Kristen’s leadership. Lizzie just looks tired and over the whole thing. And then we have Josie, who has erased her name from her headband on the advice of her therapist. Kristen needs to make heads roll. It would be the best TC ever if, while playing the role of Exec Chef, someone fired the other chefs. 

Ideas get bantered around and modern Filipino is the winning concept for the International Male kitchen. It will be called Urbano and the maître d' will be Stefan. The women have a French thing going on and are practicing rolling their ‘r’s. 

Following a map to the kitchen site doesn’t steer them wrong per se, it’s just that it is only a site and the kitchen has yet to be arranged or delivered. Stefan is freaking out about that and wondering who the sadistic elf was who thought this one up. Have you noticed how Stefan always acts like he has the Executive Producers number on speed dial just in case? “Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, I know what you’re up to….” No you don’t, Stefan -- go sit in the Stew Room.