Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson offers his best leadership methods to Sheldon and Kristen.

on Jan 16, 2013

Really I want them to go sit in a city office for six hours waiting to talk to someone about a variance application, but that person has gone on lunch break to never return. Then, while buying coffee from a machine, your dollar won’t work right because it’s folded at the edge, but it’s your only dollar bill. Then you walk back to your car and it’s been towed. Then when you get back to your office, the liquor license application has been returned due to some tax discrepancy of $0.89 back in 2008. Then you realize you are $100,000 over budget and three months off schedule. That’s what the fun of opening restaurants really is!

They all split up and get shopping for rental décor and foodstuffs. Do they have to buy stoves? This is a quandary. Micah is not here to give raw advice should the stoves never materialize. Well, we’ll figure that out soon, but for now Josie and Brooke are the dysfunctional shopping duo looking for that special hue of napkin. It’s a napkin for Restaurant Wars… what are the chances that the judges are really going to come down to your choice of napkin color as the deciding factor in letting you go? 

Stefan is riding a cart in the flower shop and brings up his theory that everyone (I assume that means all of North America) thinks all Europeans are gay. I am sure this is a U.S. Census stat and not a crazy weird generalization. I have started reciting the “It Gets Better” speech to all Europeans just to be on the safe side. Stefan has found a giggle buddy in aisle 12 of the plant section. He woos her with his Finnish/German manliness in an effort to prove his heterosexuality in America.

Sheldon is searching for dried mung beans at Uwajimaya. With his hat and his backpack he kind of looks like a Hawaiian Where’s Waldo character, but easily found. He also kind of looks like Relic from The Beachcombers, which you will only know from watching CBC in Canada anytime from 1972 to 1990. That show seemed like it was always on. Josh is pretending to be a piece of white bread in an Asian superstore. He is not finding the tamarind in the haystack. 

We have a fancy name for the French Women’s team: Atelier Kong, or something like that. Sounds fancy. Atelier Crenn is an amazing SF restaurant that must have inspired this choice. Must have. 

I see shortribs and cheese, rabbits and a tired-looking Lizzie. Lizzie reminds us that this is tricky and it is a competition. That’s right, Lizzie -- tell us how you really feel.

Back in Stefan’s world, he is very into round tables and hates farmers. Evidently the kitchens were going to arrive without the chef’s involvement, so Micah, you can return to your day job. Josie thinks everything is Coolio and will now begin roasting things. Kristen is only kind of taking charge in this and that’s a bad omen. Executive chefs need to provide direction and those directions need to be followed. That old saying about too many cooks is oft used for a reason. You can have too many cooks, but with a chef who can command respect, confidence, and smartness, it’s not a problem.