Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson offers his best leadership methods to Sheldon and Kristen.

on Jan 16, 2013

Prep day is done and they go and drink wine and eat yogurt. Yummy combination. We learn that Brooke has not abandoned her four-year-old, but that it often feels that way. Her four-year-old has sent her detailed drawings of the Atelier concept with bullet point lists of how to execute this whole operation. 

There is definitely some friction in the women’s team. Kristen is fine dining all the way while Josie is totally into the “git ‘er dun, let’s have funz” school of restaurants. Morphing the two thoughts together is going to be challenging. Josie decides that the best recourse is to tell the competing team all of the frustrations she is having. Josh sees weakness. 

Sheldon has renamed himself Captain Bonifacio and put on revolutionary war paint. He is hoping Manny Pacquiao comes to help, but Manny is so busy with his boxing/music/political career that I am doubtful. The men’s team is hoping that it doesn’t go down like Manny’s last bout where he lost miserably, not that anyone watches boxing anymore.  

This is a Menehune. It does look a lot like Sheldon.

The Atelier Kwan (not Kong) French menu consists of Lizzie’s rabbit rillettes “charcuterie plate,” Josie’s Bangin’ Bouillabaisse, Kristen’s Boeuf Bourguignon, Brooke’s cheese course, and some amuse bouche competition between macaroon, macaron, and the Macarena. 

Meanwhile the Filipino/Hawaiian fusion restaurant Urbano has Josh doing a Balut, which is like a fertilized egg plus duck confit, and a foie mousse. If you are just getting over flu-like symptoms you should not Google balut for images. Very weird. Sheldon is making Miki which is a yet-to-be-seen prawn dish. What’s the difference between prawns and shrimp you ask? Google it up and the majority seem to say that there is some difference, but are vague on specifics. You will be lulled with terms like Dendrobranchiata and Pleocyemata… With Google I have found I can learn something completely unpronounceable everyday and then forget it by the next morning. Stefan is rounding out this Filipino/Hawaiian/Oklahoman Finnish/German co-production with a Kilawen which looks like a crudo plate in any other language.  

For Josh’s eggs, they are slow-cooking them in the shell. The final temp will be 150.5 F which is about 66C. He’s using a circulator to be exact. Circulators are a mainstay in high-end kitchens, and they are like a very precise Jacuzzi that you immerse the food into, usually in a cryovac bag, but in this case just the whole eggs, shells intact. The temp is a little higher than I would cook an egg, but hey, let’s see what happens. If you want to learn cool cooking stuff like using circulators go here. Pretty awesome site. 

There will be dessert. Josh is making ice.