Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson offers his best leadership methods to Sheldon and Kristen.

on Jan 16, 2013

Sheldon is running his kitchen very smoothly. Stefan is walking around like a frantic Leisure Suit Larry. Oh Miki, you're so fine, but I don’t know anything about you. Stefan is not acting like you should act if you want to impress Danny Meyer. He has checked out and is done with this drama. 

Adobo pork comes out and at least he explains this one. Tom loves it. Danny loves it. Flavor don’t lie. Dessert is coming out. Sorbet plate. It is a very continental finish for fine Filipino. Judges they likey. 

It does look like a toss-up. Urbano seems to have the edge, but the service from Stefan sucked out the wazoo. Meanwhile, the food on the Atelier side was not as good as the Urbano experience. Off to the Supreme Court of Vittledom.

Kristen explains the concept and her role. The judges explain that they wanted more of the Burgundy and that her dessert had hints of greatness, but missed the mark. Brooke gets lauded. Lizzie is tired and nervous. The judges loved her stuff. Josie tries to throw anybody she can under the bus, and Kristen weighs the least so she goes after her. Gail lays down the law and Josie smiles and starts doing a cooking demonstration for QVC… it’s what she does when she’s nervous.

Stefan does not take criticism well at all. Sheldon gets praise. His food shined. Josh can’t cook Filipino, but he can cook. His dish is loved. Urbano wins. Josie is packing up her headbands in advance of the final decision. Stefan feels lucky. 

Back and forth on the blame game. BUT this is critical: Kristen takes the blame as the executive chef. She’s a brave one. Gail puts it as falling on your own sword and she’s right.