Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson recognizes the roller derby challenges obvious, er, challenges.

on Dec 26, 2012

Today is Boxing Day. Nobody knows what Boxing Day actually means so I am going to randomly challenge people to old skool pugilism contests while taking out the cardboard box mess from yesterday’s consumerist extravaganza called Christmas. I love tradition.

Last week saw CJ reign supreme in Sandwich Battle 2012 on Last Chance Kitchen where the chefs can eventually re-enter the competition of Top Chef right before the final few shows. CJ is looming tall above the rest right now, but when a Redwood falls it’s quite the sight. 

In the main competition, we begin in the condo of shame. Josie may be getting on some people’s nerves with her endless chatter and screams of “Rockin’ Raspberry.” In some rare instances, waterboarding may be preferred, if the other choice is to live with Josie at the ego den for weeks on end. 

Speaking of Finnish egoists, Stefan breaks down the way the restaurant world works: we are all assholes to each other but that’s OK because we forgive and forget and tomorrow is a new day. This sounds like the repeated excuse of someone up to no good. Due to his Finnish ancestry, Stefan has a new enemy each week, along with new alliances. The one constant is his bald head and his quest to win this battle of culinary wisdom. I would like to thank Finland for giving us the the Mobira mobile telephone, Teemu Selanne, Santa Claus, and Stefan. The world is a more interesting place with them.

Off to Taylor Swift’s Mollusk Farm, I mean Taylor Shellfish Farms. There will be bivalves. I am cranking up Ween’s "The Mollusk" and settling in to the show. The Toyota trip is smooth with a Micah chat about eating kosher. 

They plod through mud, Josie gets stuck, Micah gets wet, they all have nice lines about oysters through their family histories.