Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson recognizes the roller derby challenges obvious, er, challenges.

on Dec 26, 2012

Sheldon and Josh have taken massive risks in frying a frozen blob of yuzu curd in tempura batter. Kind of like the go-to tempura fried Snickers at all the fine dining sushi spots by the mall. To gussie this plate up they have channeled Michel Bras and an army of thickening agents to make fluid-gel city. It’s a really strange plate that would be a homerun if you could really pull it off…. I just don’t think the roller rink was the spot to do that. 

I was not checking out Padma. It’s just made to look that way. But I also was not wearing pants, so whatevs.

Winners are Brooke and Tesar. They win some stuff and realize that they will always have each other. They are the culinary wind beneath each other's cooking wings.  

Bottom rung are Sheldon/John and also Bart/Josie. Tom goes after Team Bart/Josie for underseasoning. Please do not anger Tom with lack of salt. He rubs salt in this underseasoning wound… lots of it. There was no cohesion to the dish at all. 

Josh was creative and bold, but the problem was that the tempura was just not good. It was soft. It was bland. It was a boring centerpiece on a beautiful backdrop. Josh takes a move from CJ and questions why a dish (the jalapeno), that isn’t on the chopping block, was deemed better than his. The state of Oklahoma is getting feisty with all this newfound basketball glory. 

The Bart Knight goes home. Truly Bart, you are a great guy with a heart of gold. May you succeed in all things.