Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson is quite particular about his fried chicken.

on Jan 23, 2013

Josh, what are you doing? “Basically, I know breakfast.” Huh? They say sushi and you say breakfast? I am confounded. He has made a salmon belly rice sandwich with bacon and an omelette, pleasing all the non-kosher Jewish-Japanese people who are looking for a new rice sandwich. It looks really hard to eat. It bombs.  

Sheldon, not the right wing casino mogul, has made a Hamachi sashimi with hipster lemon ash. Chef K loves the lemon ash. Hipster goodness. Sheldon pays homage by mocking a Japanese accent. 

Chef K ranks Lizzie and Josh at the bottom. Ups are Brooke and Stefan, with Stefan winning his first challenge. $5000 in Healthy Choice bucks. 

David Chang, antagonist to California simplicity, is the leader of a fried chicken challenge at Tom’s fancy Seattle rental. Fried chicken is dear to my heart, and I really like David. He’s been so important to proving that you can do great fine dining in venues that do not have gilded bathrooms and purse stools. His food has always pushed boundaries and has given a lot of young chefs the push to jump into their own ideas without hesitation. KEY MOMENT: Tom implores the chefs to keep it classic; they just really want fried chicken. 

Fried chicken, though simply made up of the words “fried” and “chicken” means so much more than just that. It is bone-in chicken, it is crispy, it is full flavored and it is usualy just pretty much, brined, buttermilked, floured (seasoning implied in that), and cooked in 350F to 375F oil or lard. The latter being so much better for taste, but not so good on the arteries. I DO NOT believe in corn flakes, batters, stuffings, or glazes (other than simple honey and hot sauce). That’s my opinion. Chime in later on Comments and we’ll get this chicken party started if you think differently.

Quickly we see some very strange ideas come to light. This makes me scratch my head. Do they not just believe in fried chicken being the best meal on the planet as is? What’s wrong with them? A Californian, a Finn, and a South African attempt to make fried chicken, and they use boneless chicken breasts; this is a culinary joke in the making. 

Anyhoo, the winner gets a year's supply of Terlato wines. Apparently Stefan drinks about four times the amount the test subject does when the prize was calculated and will have polished this bounty off in about three months. He looked like more of a daiquiri  fan to me. 

They prep and butcher chickens.  Stefan sexualizes the experience. He can so this with anything. I wear gloves around him, and you should too. Can’t take any chances.