Team Top Chef

Just how fatal was Brooke's poultry flaw?

on Feb 27, 2013

Hello for the last time this season, my little burnt pig ears. Well, we now have a new Top Chef, and I for one am exhausted. For this final episode, we changed up the format a bit, putting finalists Brooke and Kristen head to head with their previously selected sous-chefs. Watching the episode gave me a serious hankering to re-watch this year's Bocuse d'Or and Hugh Acheson's hilariously sleep-deprived live-tweeting of this year's event. i could have used a dose of Thomas Keller and some angry Frenchmen...

Both chefs were tased with creating five dishes and the only requirements were to use scallop for the second course, snapper for the fourth. Otherwise, they had all the freedom they could ever ask for, which should be a good thing. Ultimately, though, this may have been to Brooke's detriment. To win, one chef has to win three out of five courses.

"Are you ready to share your tiara?" Gail asks Stephanie Izard. Oh, she's ready. It remained to be seen if Brooke and Kristen were ready. I think Brooke was pretty nervous, which was made painfully clear when she couldn't remember all her ingredients. And, seriously, who wouldn't be? Let's dive into the dishes.