Team Top Chef

Three veterans return to compete, but what does it all mean?!

on Nov 14, 2012

After the Quickfire, Padma drops the bomb that CJ, Josie, and Stefan are actually rejoining the competition. Tyler thinks it's bull----. I think I want to hear Tyler's response to everything. His interviews are my favorite so far. Keep it up, Tyler! Joshua is enraged by this announcement and proclaims that he will most certainly get into a fight. "I hate them all now." I know he's serious, but it's just so amusing.

The best thing -- in my humble opinion -- about having the alums back is that they're now something of a Top Chef Greek chorus. They know how it is, they see everything. They have knowledge the current cheftestants don't. Whether that's an advantage or a detriment remains to be seen. Although if this episode is any indication, it might be the latter.

But I won't get ahead of myself. On to the Elimination Challenge, where the chefs have to make a dish using regional ingredients for legendary Seattle chef, Tom Douglas. They have 47 minutes to make their dishes -- the time it takes for the challenge's venue, the Space Needle, to rotate once. And, the chefs remain in their Quickfire teams -- the veterans now forming their own team. 

Most of the teams grab fish, even the Yellow Team, who literally can't identify theirs. The Red Team grabs fish, but also grabs quail just in case, which was smart... at the time.

The chefs prep their dishes, and head back to their apartment, where Jeffrey comes out to his fellow chefs. Of course I go on and on about how cute Jeffrey is last week, and he comes out this week. I guess there's no future for us. Sigh.

The next day the chefs arrive at the Space Needle. CJ has a soft spot for the landmark because he remember good potatoes he had there when he was 7. OOOK. Subsequently, the veteran team decides to cook their quail. 

While the Blue Team is cooking, we learn something interesting about Kuniko. Her mind is always going, so sometimes, she loses focus. Luckily, John was able to catch her chili oil starting to burn. Thankfully, they were able to save it, and the judges love their dish. "The first thing to put in my mouth in Seattle? Not bad," says Gail. Good one, Gail. He-he. Anyway, the Blue Team wins again. In fact, Tom Douglas says the dish is the "essence of Seattle." Kuniko's fish wins the day. Way to go, Kuniko!

The rest of the teams offer decent dishes, but two teams find themselves on the bottom: the veterans and the appropriately-named Grey Team. Both had overcooked protein. But apparently the Grey Team's was worse, and so, the person responsible for that protein -- Jeffrey -- is sent home. WHYYYYY?! (Sniffle, sniffle.)