Team Top Chef

Ep 6: Eliza goes home? Nooooo!

on Dec 12, 2012

Anyway! The Quickfire Challenge is for the chefs to create sweet and savory holiday dishes using Truvia Baking Blend with Sugar. They all draw knives, and everyone's say "Off Limits," except Lizzie's! That means that all of the chefs have to share that one knife. As such, most of the chefs try to cut things with other utensils rather than simply trying to make something that doesn't require cutting. Joshua actually grabs the knife first, right out from Lizzie's nose. The chefs make various dishes, but it was Danyele's that I really wanted to try. Bread pudding? Goooood. Ham? Goooood. This challenge actually made me think of that Friends episode where Rachel makes a "traditional English trifle" with a layer of beef and peas  because a page of her cookbook was ripped, so she melded two recipes together. Just me? OK. 

In the end, Brooke's cheddar apple pie wins the day. She had said that it was a little safe, but that she'd take safe over bad. I don't know if her dish was safe or just simple. Her dish probably had the most sensory recognition for Marilyn, so if it was bad, Marilyn would've known, as opposed to the more exotic dishes that Marilyn had never heard of before, let alone tried before. I will say it must've stung for Micah to hear Marilyn call his tamale a taco.. The minute Micah questioned whether Marilyn would know what a tamale was I yelled "For shame!" and "Food snob!" at my T.V. (in theory),  but you know what? She didn't know what it was. Wah waaah. Anyway, kudos, Brooke -- your "homey" dish was delicious!

On to the best Elimination Challenge everrr with Chris Pratt and Ana Farris. I love these two. Not only am I a huge Parks fan (I contemplated writing this whole recap in Tommy-speak), but I was an Everwood fan as well. (Amy and Ephram 4eva!) I also think Anna Farris is a really great physical comedian. In my humble opinion, House Bunny is underrated. Sooo, I was overall very excited to see these two make an appearance in the Top Chef kitchen. The premise is that they are home for the holidays and it's the chefs' jobs to create a winning homecoming party menu for them. Chris and Anna like everything -- seriously they apparently eat things I wouldn't even touch. Anna reveals that Chris and her brother hunt together. Chris makes a joke about eating squirrel, but, um, I have no idea if it was really a joke or not. While they don't give much in the way of restrictions except for HUMMUS! and y'know Anna being pregnant and all (no raw fish, etc.), the chefs are able to go crazy. So, the chefs start formulating their ideas. Josh wants to redeem himself in the pork world. John talks about making a chowder he learned form the great seafood chef Rick Moonen, his former boss. Oh, and also Kristen and Stefan do some cooking of their own as they continue to flirt. In fact, later in the episode, Stefan says to Kristen "I'm going to divorce you." I don't understand this relationship, but whatever. We'll just say they're work man and wife. We've all had those. Mine don't usually rub my feet, but to each her own.