Team Top Chef

Ep 6: Eliza goes home? Nooooo!

on Dec 12, 2012

On to the party! We meet Chris and Anna's parents who are quite posh, if I may say so. When Anna's father sees the judges he says, "Welcome to Seattle." When Chris sees the judges he says "Uh-oh." Ha! (Sidenote: How cute is Chris with his mother after learning she thought she had broken the glass art?! I rewound that part, as well as him relaying the story to Anna multiple times.) 

At first, it seems the chefs are killing it. Everything the judge and Chris and Anna eat are met with "Mmms" and positive critique. Chris didn't know what real goulash was before he had Stefan's Brooke's lamb-stuffed squid is inspired. It's looking like these chefs are proving, once gain, that our chefs usually cook their best for celebrities. 'member how well our Top Chef: Texas chefs cooked for Charlize? Mmm-hmm.

Just as I'm starting to form that theory, the food starts suffering. Danyele already shares with Josh that she's nervous about her boar chop -- he doesn't care. But she also tells the judges she's nervous "like always." Shut up, Danyele! She needs a dose of Josh or John's confidence for real.  Eliza is also nervous that her elk meat is chewy and tough, so she cuts it thinner so it's easier to chew. Oy. The judges don't seem to mind the texture of her meat, but Tom comments that it's too thin, and her sides suck. Micah is worried about his celery puree. Josh's pork isn't seasoned. In true man-form, Chris responds to this dish by saying "It might not be great, but there's a lot of it," which, to be fair, was one of Chris' requirements. 

When the chefs finally head to Judges' Table, John gets kudos for his dish from Rick Moonen. Sheldon and Kristen are also up there. But ultimately the winner was Brooke… again!