Team Top Chef

Pride hurts some chefs competing for the chance to compete in Seattle.

on Nov 6, 2012

Next we head to Hugh's kitchen at Empire State South in Atlanta, Georgia. Hugh tasks the chefs with making salads, something Hugh apparently lives on -- look at him! We meet Bart, a Belgian knight. As we saw in ther previews, Hugh asks him if he wears a suit of armor in the kitchen. No? That's good. Belly laughs. Bart's a looker. Gina describes herself as a "ferocious tiger." We'll leave that alone for now. Danyele is flaring her tomato and Gina the Ferocious Tiger thinks she should know better, that it's "ridiculously amateurish." The Belgian is making a mess with the blender and Hugh calls them out on their messiness. As Hugh offers his final critiques, Gina says "You'll make me cry -- stop it." Hugh retorts "Well, no, we could make you cry." Then tells her her salad looks nice." Ouch. Hugh is feeling saucy. Aaand Gina goes home. She goes to the Land of Overly-Proud Chefs with Daniel. Gina, of course, insists tha Hugh has made a mistake. She's not a chef. She's a movement. Wellll, then she won't mind moving on out of the kitchen. Oh! Maybe I'm feeling saucy too.

We're back with Tom where he makes his final decisions. Lizzie impresses from the start with her tortellini-making skills, and makes it through. Micah moves forward because he entered that kitchen like a boss. Everyone else goes home.

And so, we have our 15 chefs moving on to Seattle.

The preview of the rest of the season looks great. We've got Chris Pratt and Anna Faris making hilarious jokes, we've got the gorgeous Curtis Stone in a flattering sweater, we've got Kristen getting a foot rub from an anonymous chef. It's going to be a good season.

Who are your early favorites?! Let me know in the comments below! Until next week, Have a Nosh!