Team Top Chef

Not all fried chicken is created equal.

on Jan 23, 2013

Hello, my little crunchy salmon rolls (my favorite at Momoya -- my New York sushi hot-spot)! Last week I wondered what Stefan would say about his "wifey" Kristen's departure. Well he said she must be pissed, but also, it's a competition. Well, it's more than he said about his other competitors. Brooke regrets not saying anything at Judges' Table. She said she would have if she thought for a moment the elimination would go the way it did. Oh, that bitch hindsight again… Josie tries to commiserate with Lizzie, saying Kristen's achilles heel was her ambition. Lizzie doesn't respond. This speaks volumes.

To the Top Chef Kitchen! Standing with Padma is sushi guru, Katsuya Uechi. I mean, this is a ridiculous guest judge. Ridiculously exciting. You may recognize his name from all the paparazzi shots of celebrities coming out of his eponymous restaurants. The challenge? Create a Dish to Impress a Sushi Master. Katsuya gave the advice to not to mix up too many ingredients. If you have good fish -- which they did -- they shouldn't do much to it. That probably means adding bacon, guys. Just saying. Oh, also, the chefs don't have the opportunity to secure immunity any more. So, yeah, let's probably not add bacon to our sushi. Josh responds to the challenge by saying, "I live in Oklahoma -- I don't make much sushi." Hmm -- he could probably make the sushi I used to eat in college, before I started eating "real" sushi. Since I didn't really want to eat raw fish at the time, I used to order a Dinosaur BBQ sushi roll at my sushi spot of choice. It was obviously tempura'd, smothered in Dinosaur BBQ sauce. Now that I look back on it, I can't believe I ate it, but it was so damn good. 

Also, have you guys seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi? It's on Netflix Instant if you're interested.

I'm done digressing, I swear!

Like Josh, Lizzie is also poo-pooing the challenge a bit saying sushi is an art, but it's not her art. Fair.

After some direct but meaningful criticism from Katsuya, I thought maybe Sheldon would take the win. His lemon charcoal was genius, and it was all created by accident. While I -- and I think I can speak for Sheldon on this -- don't recommend leaving something in an oven unattended while you head to a meeting, it did produce a great idea. But, alas, Stefan, who started the challenge with a little "writer's block" won. I was nervous for Stefan because he made a duo by Julia Child-ing that lobster, and usually more is less for Stefan. But Katsuya loved his dishes. I find it extremely ironic that Stefan won a sushi challenge, a challenge based on simplicity.