Team Top Chef

Josie and Kristen's relationship in the kitchen was a complicated one.

on Jan 16, 2013

Hello, my little communal tables. (I would have bought them for you, Sheldon!) We all know this recap is going to get pretty bleak pretty quickly. I know you all feel lost, confused. You're so cold. You're so cold. But, we'll get to that shortly. Let's pretend for a moment that we don't know how this episode ends, k?

It's time for Restaurant Wars! (For real this time.) As a result of Micah's elimination last week, the men's team is down a chef. They do, however, have Stefan, a chef whose been through this challenge before, and Kristen admits that she's never led a kitchen with this much output. So, maybe it all comes out in the wash?

The chefs head to the Georgetown Ballroom where they discover that their kitchens aren't set up. Oof. They each select their spaces -- men are inside, ladies are outside -- and go shopping for decor and ingredients. Josie and Brooke debate napkin color, and Brooke questions Josie's level of class. Eek, Brooke. Eek. We learn that -- according to Stefan -- Europeans like flowers, pebbles, and little vases. Um, sure? We also learn that dried mung beans are in aisle 6. G-d, I wish every grocery store employee was as competent as that guy. I had a very hard time finding my natural hand soap this weekend due to poor advice from a grocery store employee. I want that mung bean guy everywhere! Yes, this is the type of stuff that stands out to me while watching an episode. Moving on...