Team Top Chef

Josie and Kristen's relationship in the kitchen was a complicated one.

on Jan 16, 2013

So, we head to Judges' Table. The men's team wins! Sheldon wins a car! "We won Restaurant Wars witha Filipino concept -- that's aweomse." Sheldon's pride is infectious. 

And on to the women, where the judges really try to figure out what the chef happened. The dynamic between Josie and Kristen in that moment was an interesting one. Yes, Josie threw Kristen under the bus. When asked about her bouillabaisse and why there wasn't enough sauce she said, exasperated, that Kristen plated the judges' dishes. All she had to say was that she was sorry they didn't get more, since Gail had already complimented the flavor.

But Kristen does fall on her sword, and takes responsiblity for everything, alluding to a lot of changes that would have been made in "hindsight," that crazy bitch. I will say that while Kristen taking responsibility was commendable, I also got the sense that she was waiting for either Josie or the judges to save her from herself.

Also, and I think this is worth noting, the judges had issues with both of Kristen's dishes. I think -- and this is pure speculation -- that if both of her dishes had been flawless, or near-flawless, more information about what really happened with the bouillabaisse specifially would have emerged because it would have been the only dish that truly fell short.