Team Top Chef

Josie and Kristen's relationship in the kitchen was a complicated one.

on Jan 16, 2013

So, the judges are left with the hardest decision so far this season. And Padma and Gail get into it! Back in the Stew Room Josie moans that she's an easy target. Oh brother. 

As the ladies stand before the judges, Tom says "Padma?" as he usually does, waiting for the host to read the verdict, but this week he sounds a little somber. And Padma tells Josie she's safe, that Kristen is going home. Sigh.

We'll see if Stefan says "Kristen who?" next week as he has done after every elmination. Doubtful he'll forget Wifey that quickly.

I'm assuming many of you are quite frustred with this week's decision but hopefully reading Tom and Gail's blogs will shed a little more light on the decision than I'm able to. And remember, ther's still Last Chance Kitchen, so make sure you watch and root Kristen on!

Until next week, Have a Nosh! Also, look at these fun photos of Hugh eating wings in Koreatown -- they're sure to make you feel a little bit better.