Team Top Chef

Oh, and Micah, you too!

on Dec 18, 2012

For the Elimiation Challenge, the five runner-up chefs select one chef from the bottom five to compete head-to-head. The challenge is to create a dish highlighting a specific berry for 150 festival goers. The festival is the Remlinger Farms Berry Festival. I looove berries, and I have it on good authority that Gail Simmons does too. We caught you red-handed (literally) swiping those raspberries, Gail! Sheldon selects Micah and gets strawberries. Danyele selects Josh for an Oklahoma vs. Texas blueberry showdown. Stefan wants John since they're both so old (just kidding!) and cook with gooseberries. Josie gets LIzzie and raspberries (my fave.) Finally, Bart gets Brooke and blackberries Brooke is flattered that she's the last one chosen, as she should be. My real question is: Where are the snozberries?! Different challenge I guess. 

A couple key things happen while the chefs are cooking. First, we see a sarcastic and ballsy side to Danyele. Maybe her top spot during the Quickfire gave her a little more confidence, and I'm digging it. Secondly, Bart and John get into a little tiff over a blender. Bart needs one and John has one. John doesn't appear to be using it yet, but that doesn't mean he won't be using it shortly. I honestly could go either way on this argument. I guess the best way to squash it would have been for John to say he would be using it in a moment, but give Bart a timeframe on when he'd be done, rather than just denying him the blender. But I will say it was odd seeing Bart get aggressive. He and Danyele must have drank the same thing before the challenge!

And perhaps the most important moment occurred during Tom's walk-through. John drops the frozen fish bomb on Tom, referring to Stefan's dish. John basically defended this "throw-under-the-bus" moment by saying that Stefan started it. Hmmm, I don't know, John. Stefan madea joke about your age to Tom, which affects nothing. Doesn't quite seem like the same thing. And although his purchase of frozen fish may have seemed like a death wish from the get-go, it didn't have to be. The reason this seemed different than other times on the show where chefs haven't used fresh or non-sustainable items is that 1) it wasn't part of the challenge, 2) Stefan claims (and honestly I don't know enough to check it) that his fish was of extremely high quality, and also, usually the chefs' dishes are so bad because they don't know how to use the product. Stefan's dish wasn't bad.