Team Top Chef

Oh, and Micah, you too!

on Dec 18, 2012

Oh, also, Micah reveals his children's names are Sage and Saffron. Not cinnamon cause that sounds like a stripper name. I obviously go through the spices in my cabinet to see which are stripper, which aren't. Fun new game alert! Cardmom? Not stripper. Nutmeg? Total stripper. 

I won't go through every single dish, but I will say that Josie really had a rude awakening this week. It's obvious she knew she got in way over her head. The minute she said she'd be rolling the sushi a la minute, I said "Stupid" aloud. Sorry, Josie! Not sure if she thought her little show would detract from the slow cooktime, but it didn't. I think if her roll had been worth the wait, the judges maybe could have overlooked it, but it wasn't. Fortunately for Josie, Danyele's dish was worse. Danyele made a rubbery almost bologna-like terrine with a thick, too-crunchy crostini. I would also like to note that although the judges weren't in love with Micah's offering, I wanted to eat the shit out of that. 

Back in the Stew Room -- or is it Boiling Room now? who can keep track -- the chefs start turning on each other. Stefan tells John to "Suck it hard." sSuch vulgarity, Stefan! Josie says something about her kitchen being a van and the chef being the drum. Methinks it's time for Josie to join Eliza on a Widespresad Panic tour. Josh says Josie's laugh makes his soul hurt. Ouch.

The top go before the judges and Kristen wins again with her tayberries -- a berry I honestly don't think I've ever consumed. Kristen is two for two! Stefan kisses her on the cheek and refers to her as "wifey." Awww?

The bottom group goes before the judges and make excuses. When they return to the Stew Room, just as Josie is putting on a show, er, talking about how the jduges don't want to see a show, Stefan cuts her off and they start arguing. Josie tells Stefan he's acting like a 30-year-old. Since i'm only 29, should I not take offense to that? Oh well. Ultimtely, Josie is safe, and Danyele heads to Last Chance Kitchen to compete against defending champ CJ! I guess Danyele wasn't far off when she revealed last week that she wasn't cut out for this type of competition. What a sad self-fulfilled prophecy.

Next week -- yes, the day after Christmas -- is an all-new episode, so until then, Have a Nosh, and have a berry (hehe) Merry Christmas to those celebrating!