Team Top Chef

There are no pork medallions in team.

on Dec 3, 2012

Hello, my little nuggets of fried brownness! We start this week's episode with the chefs reminiscing about Carla and Chrissy's elimination. Josh makes a comment about his disappointment over having a poor performance his first time meeting Hugh. I didn't notice this until I watched the episode for the second time, but Josh obviously has a lot of respect for Hugh, and it's adorable. We'll come back to this later.

Back at the house, we celebrate Stefan's birthday, and by celebrate I mean insinuate that he might get sent home because of a Season 5 curse. I had honestly completely forgotten about this. Fingers crossed, Stefan!

OK, back to the food. The chefs are up at the (butt) crack of dawn to head to Pike Place Market, the "soul" of Seattle. I thought Ben Gibbard was the soul of Settle, but what the hell do I know? Eliza shares that she got engaged at the market. Equally as important, CJ unveils his glasses, and I am digging them. I almost forgot how attractive he is. Just me? OK.

The chefs pair up -- little do they realize how important these team-ups will be. Padma and Daisley Gordon present the Quickfire Challenge -- make breakfast for the farmers' market vendors… on a stick! Sausage on stick won't cut it here, but I would kill for one. So, the chefs are off to Sur la Table to find supplies and produce, and they all start planning their menus. I'm usually more of a savory breakfast girl, but I like where Brooke is going with the sweet/savory idea. Also, I had no idea she knew Stefan, so that was an interesting little tidbit. 

Another interesting tidbit? Eliza followed Widespread Panic around the country and sold vegan sushi out of a van. The Eliza "Supreme" Moment of the episode may have to become a new mainstay in this recap because she is just throwing gold nuggets out every. single. episode. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite cheftestants. Tell us more, Eliza! I am hanging on your every word.

Aaand the chefs start cooking. So far, John and Joshua are really getting along, but I will say I don't see the point of putting a taco on a stick, as a taco is inherently a finger food. I do love a breakfast taco/burrito, though, so we'll let this slide for now. 

Bart and the ground are having some issues. He drops his panini press while colliding towards the ground, and actually does break it. Sidenote: I think Bart and Tyler should have their own show. I don't know why, but I would watch it. We shall call it "What the Heck? Salmon on a Stick!"

Honestly, Josie seems like maybe the least agreeable chef, so kudos, John, you get the week off for that title. 

I have one comment before we discuss the dishes, and that is how happy I am to finally see Seattle hipsters! They were obviously hiding at the market. Obviously.