Team Top Chef

How do you solve a problem like John Tesar?

on Nov 28, 2012

Hello, my little fried onions! Before, I get into this week's episode, I want to make sure you have all watched Last Chance Kitchen, or promise to immediately following reading my recap. Not only is the, ahem, Emmy-nominated, ahem, series back, but there's an added twist this season called Save a Chef, where you can, y'know, save a chef. Come back to for more details on Thursday!

We start this week's episode back where we ended last week's -- in the Stew Room. Josh and CJ vs. John. They throw around their insults -- Josh refers to John as a redneck, and we kinda start to see where John may have picked up that reputation he talked about. As is my custom to defend the more controversial cheftestants each season (Hi, Marcel!), I find that the best thing to do is usually ignore them if they bother you. John's initial argument about Kuniko's elimination wasn't anything that needed to escalate to the point it reached, but, hey, i haven't been up for hours cooking Thanksgiving dinner, so my state of mind is a little bit different. A reference to "The Real Housewives of Seattle" is made. Let's hope dinner tables don't get thrown!

Cut to the cheftestant house, where we finally see who gave Kristen the foot rub we sneaked a peek of in this season's trailer -- and it's Stefan. I don't know why this surprised me. It shouldn't have. At all. I hate feet, so this whole scene grossed me out like you wouldn't believe.

Sooo, let's pretend it never happened and moved on to the Quickfire Challenge. We see a familiar face -- Top Chef Master Naomi Pomeroy, chef and owner of the highly-acclaimed Beast in Portland. She has brought two beasts of her own in the form of giant beef slabs. The challenge? To butcher a cut of the beef and create a dish in one hour. Again, love the challenge -- it not only tests the chefs butchering skills, but also gives them a pretty wide-open arena to make anything they want. A few things happen in the first few minutes

1. Josie/Carla can't get their cut off the hook -- my heart sinks for them, but they're taking it in stride.

2. CJ eats the beef off the bone to test it for his dish. I'm minorly grossed out again, but I shouldn't be. We also get a little more insight into how confident he is this time around. And he has reason to be. If you'll remember, when he first competed he was working as a personal chef, most likely working in personal kitchens, but he is obviously much more comfortable in a proessional kitchen now.