Team Top Chef

How do you solve a problem like John Tesar?

on Nov 28, 2012

3. Kristen cuts her self, but don't worry she's fine! And it wasn't her beautiful face!

4. Lizzie reveals that she learned to use a pressure cooker before she came to compete. Smart cookie.

Padma and Naomi start tasting the beef, and we discover that Naomi likes her beef a bit more done. This actually shocks me. Woud've presumed she was a medium-rare lover. None of the dishes are looking very done, but at least that puts them on somewhat of an even playing field.

John wins the Quickfire in a close race with CJ and Josh. Victory is the best revenge.

Tyler, with a failed dish, utters the words "I can't do anything right," and my heart breaks. But I'm lightened by the fact that I can now successfully cast the role of Eeyore in the Off, Off Broadway production of Winnie the Pooh I'm putting on.

On to the Elimination Challenge! We meet Brian and Mark Canlis, the namesakes of the iconic Canlis restaurant in Seattle. The challenge is to recreate the restaurants' original menu from 1950. Although in past seasons we've asked chefs to upate classics, this time we're asking them to recreate the original classics. Although many of the dishes are no longer served in modern restaurants, the skills needed to create them are still pretty essential. Each chef gets one dish -- including side dishes -- and John opts to expedite since he has immunity.

Some fun things happenin' the kitchen: Josh teaches us what calf fries are. I obviously missed that episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. Eliza makes up a "supreme" song, and I kinda fall in love with her. John tells us what a foodie his dad was in the '50s. I wonder if anyone knew what a foodie was in the '50s!

The chefs present their dishes, and the judges look almost tickled to be served such retro dishes. I have a flashback to Kitchen Confidential, Bourdain talking about serving classic dishes at the Rainbow Room. The chefs cook with mixed results. Stefan's calf liver is killer, and the judges are happy to see Stefan not turn the liver into ravioli. LIzzie makes herring with saltines! The judges love it. I"ve never had herring because i know my body will reject it. Just can't do it. Joshua's onion soup is just wrong. He had gotten mad at John earlier for telling him how important the chesse is, and you know what? He should've listened ot him. In fact, Noami wanted to "have a problem eating it." She didn't. John gives Josh a compliment (sorta) later saying it looked good. Actually he said that it looked like onion soup. That's not a real compliment. If you ever hear that, be offended. Brooke knows Josh's soup is salty -- I instantly respect her palate.