Team Top Chef

How do you solve a problem like John Tesar?

on Nov 28, 2012

Sheldon's mahi mahi is good, but Tom gets a bloodline. Josie makes a Flintstone-sized baked potato. It's aight.

But, honestly, who cares what anyone made cause Tom is digging those fried onions from Kristen. Every time the camera panned to him, he was putting more in his mouth. It as hilarious. In fact, they were so good they got Kristen the win, along with very well-executed mushrooms. She took her two "easy" side dishes as seriously as any of the chefs took their "more complicated" dishes, so kudos to Kristen. The desserts are all OK if not melted. You know it's the 1950s when you refer to something as "sherbet" instead of "sorbet." Amirite?! (I'm actually not right -- they're two different things.)

On the dark side of Judges' Table, Joshua reveals that John expedited like a "monkey." It didn't look like the judges were too keen on that assessment. CJ is on the bottom for his odd sous-vide kebab, but he gets to stay. Carla and Chrissy aren't so lucky. Carla's squab was just wrong -- undercooked for the diners, overcooked for the judges. She didn't pay attention to what the guys were doing in the grill room. Although I felt bad for Carla, I'm sure many of the chefs were happy to see her go. Her loud style wasn't received well -- Stefan couldn't even hear John's orders because she was talking so much!

Chrissy goes home for overdressed salad. But not just any salad -- the Canlis Salad. She had a difficult task, creating the only dish on the menu still there from 1950, but you could tell the minute we saw her tossing the lettuce in her bowl how overdressed and wilted it was.

But never fear, ladies -- you get a second chance in Last Chance Kitchen. (Did i mention that you should watch it now?)

I won't reveal who wins #LCK, but we'll discuss it in next week's recap, so stay tuned.

Until then, Have a Nosh!