Tom Colicchio

Tom Colicchio explains why Sheldon was obviously going home.

on Feb 20, 2013

I found Kristen’s second course lacking a bit; it was a little short on flavor. The only veal item in the dish was the sauce. I personally would have chosen to play up the meat aspect of the dish a bit more than she did. If she didn’t want to go all out with a braised veal breast, for example, she could still have done something short of that to bring out the veal a bit more. We do a seared tuna and veal sweetbreads that works beautifully, for example. There were interesting components in her dish, and it was well-plated, but we’re used to seeing Kristen manage to pull that off while also delivering on flavor.

Kristen’s dessert was flavorful and interesting. It wound up being a bit simple in presentation, but not enough to hurt her much. She realized that she has tended to overthink things, so she held back… a bit too much. As with Brooke, though, she was so clearly safe from elimination because Sheldon’s dishes were so obviously getting him sent home. If only he’d melded what he was doing with Filipino food with a more modern presentation, we might have been having a very different conversation about the mistakes all three made this week…

And so here we are, approaching the final head-to-head in what has been an eventful season. There’s only one thing we know for certain heading into the final challenge: this season, a woman will take home the title of Top Chef.  

Oh, P.S. To the guy who tweeted, “Based on the comments in Last Chance Kitchen, it’s obvious that Kristen isn’t going to make it to the finale. Horrible judging.” Just couldn’t hold off on tweeting long enough to watch the episode, could you? Ready, fire, aim. Thanks for your tweet, guy.

And P.P.S.  For all those wondering why pictures of Andy Cohen keep popping up on the set on Last Chance Kitchen. I have no idea why. Honestly, I have no idea.