Tom Colicchio

Tom Colicchio weighs in on the great turkey brining debate.

on Nov 23, 2012

But the part I love most about Thanksgiving, that was reflected in the challenge, is how every group arriving from foreign shores made the tradition their own. Coming to New Orleans via Fall River, MA, where he grew up, Emeril put a decidedly Portuguese-American spin on his team’s “traditional” dishes, while I put an “Italian-American” spin on mine. In my family when I was growing up, we always had lasagna as a first course. My grandmother always made the stuffing with a lot of garlic in it. Far be it from me to decide what belongs on anyone’s Thanksgiving table. All I hoped for, in this week’s Elimination Challenge, was that whatever landed there was made well. 

I hope your holiday meal was great, as well, and that you and yours had a Happy Thanksgiving together. I had all my boys with me, and they all ate with gusto from college student down to toddler, so I’m a happy dad today. And no, to answer what I know what you’re wondering: the stuffing didn’t have a lot of garlic in it this year.