Gail Simmons

Gail discusses what qualifies as stealing and why she was so sad to see Justin go.

on Dec 17, 2013 This episode starts with Questlove with a really fun challenge: the drumstick challenge.
Gail Simmons: I had never thought to think of how many drumsticks exist in the world, but I was happy to do so. Overall, I was impressed with how creative the chefs were. I think that Questlove was too. It was really fun having him with us. He actually DJed that night after the Quickfire at Tipitina's, which is one of the most famous music venues in New Orleans. What do you look for in a drumstick?
GS: You want it to be moist, not dry. You want it to have some flavor. Poultry in general really takes on the flavors that you give it, so there's so much opportunity, whether you’re frying or grilling or baking, to really fuse the flavor. I think that that was the challenge for the chefs to do so in such a short time. Carrie was really creative with the squab. Squab drumsticks are so tiny. We've seen so many chefs overcook them in tough challenges on the show or in life in general. She did a great job. A very different challenge this week to have to serve to 500 people at the LSU student cafeteria.
GS: This was a huge challenge for the chefs, for sure. We always like to throw them one challenge (if not more) every season that makes them really come together as a team and cook for a really large amount of people -- because it’s so different than what they do in the kitchens when they’re making one plate at a time. This was a massive obstacle for them. Not only was it 500 students, but they’re students. You’re cooking without all of the fancy gourmet ingredients that you’re used to in the Top Chef kitchen. They also had no prep time before. They had no idea what they were getting. They weren’t used to the massive industrial space. There was a big learning curve for all of them.