Gail Simmons

Gail explains that she just wants to be taken care of at dinner and commends one chef for conquering Restaurant Wars.

on Dec 4, 2013

I’m sorry about Sara. I know that she’s a great chef and I know she would have done really well overall. She has cooked us some great dishes; she has showed us that she’s clearly very talented. This is always a complicated challenge because it requires you to work as a team in a way we’ve never asked you to do before. That’s where I think the breakdown was, she took on too much and was a bit stubborn in her approach to the challenge, and that was what did her in.

There was actually so much in the episode you didn’t see. On the night in between the two days of Restaurant Wars, when they all stopped working, I actually took them all to Hansen’s and got them all Snoballs! Hansen’s is the original New Orleans snoball place. It’s around 75 years old, and is an incredible institution. I got cardamom and satsuma flavor with drizzled with condesnsed milk. Delicious!