Hugh Acheson

Hugh discusses the way chefs unwind, the gaseous properties of breadfruit, and the penultimate Elimination Challenge.

on Jan 28

After a slog of a competition in beautifully storied, but wildly humid New Orleans, the chefs find themselves in Maui, Hawaii. You would be hard pressed to find a more stunning place to have this all come to a conclusion. Maui is beautiful. We stayed at the Andaz Wailea, and I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation. Absolutely beautiful.

Nina, Nicholas, and Shirley are living it up on the beach, waiting for the LCK competitor to emerge. The last LCK is a duel between Carlos, and Louis but Louis is the man who comes out of Tom's playpen victorious. He will live to fight another fight. There will be no Mexican food infiltrating these semi-finals. Carlos will bide his time swimming in the pool and drinking daiquiris.

Sam Choy is having a luau. Shirley is confused. A bunch of people they don't know clap on the chefs arrival to the beach front. Padma says "Aloha" a lot to get the chefs in the spirit of things. Nicholas is hell-bent on winning this thing and reminds us a lot. "Chee-hoooo. That's how you get yourself not nervous." Actually in the world of hospitality, a Percocet and a bourbon is much more common.