Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson is ready to take on both Dana Cowin and Tom Colicchio.

on Oct 14, 2013

The above quote was uttered by Cobra Commander (from G.I. Joe). This has nothing to do with anything. 

There is wallpaper at Commander’s Palace that is pictures of birds. It’s beautiful, but to make it even more stunning there are also stuffed birds mounted to the walls that make the wallpaper look 3D. This is a strange thing to try to understand when you are three drinks into a fancy meal. Do not go to Commander’s Palace on acid. The birds would be way too much to deal with. 

Commander’s is an icon. From K-Paul to Emeril, Jamie Shannon to Tory McPhail, the chefs parade through that kitchen has been nothing short of amazing. I took my family for a birthday dinner there, and we had such an amazing time. It’s service beyond compare with food to match. Oh, and the wine list is killa. It is a seminal place. You should go.  

Stew Room time. Light blue apron Bret, who we have not seen much of yet this season, wanted a “group leader” to guide the previous challenge. He says “group leader,” and I think of Star Wars. I have no idea why. Nick gets his panties in a wad at Bret, and shows his first emotions. He is in a bit of a mood cause his friend and colleague from Philly, Jason, was shunted off. Surfer boy is gone. Long live surfer boy. 

Louis calls his son to brush up on family time. He laments his place in the industry, pointing out that by this point in time he had planned to have his own spot and be higher up the ladder, but his life diverted to having a family and whatnot. Being a father with a loving family is much more of a life achievement than owning your own place. Trust me, Louis, you’re gonna do great in this world. Just keep doing what you are doing and season your fish well. 

To the Quickfire we go, and for this one we will have Dana Cowin and Emeril tag along with Padma to analyze food trendz, or more specifically Dana’s least favorite bandwagons of the last five years. Evidently, if you want to win Best New Chef don’t make Dana Cowin a kale salad with a smoked egg and bacon. Carrie doesn’t want to pull the wool over Dana’s eyes but is knitting a hostage hood just in case. She looks like a knitter. 

To clarify, Dana is tired of everything having an egg on top of it. She is so over smoked food in general. She finds bacon’s starring role needs to be cut. And kale is her greenemy (green+enemy).